SMW Marching Band Uniform Information

Welcome to marching season! Most of you juniors and seniors already know this, but the sophomores don’t and it’s a good review anyway. You have been assigned a uniform. It has your name on a label and is kept on the rack by sections behind your section leader’s uniform (It should always be there and stored there.) It will be yours for the season. You won’t be taking it home, but you are responsible for it in these ways:

  1. Every time you wear your uniform, you need to wear soft nylon or cotton like shorts. NO jeans or any other heavy or rough fabric. Wear your band t-shirt with your required black socks and band shoes. Don’t forget your black gloves. You will all be changing together in the band room or in a parking lot in front of everyone. It is easier if you just wear the shorts, t-shirt, black socks and shoes to school, since you ride the bus in uniform.
  2. Always make sure your uniform has your neck band and snap it in place. When you return from any event you will take the neck band out and giving it to your section leader. It will be laundered and put back in your uniform.
  3. All hair needs to be in the hat, both male and female. Please bring whatever you need to pin it, or tie it up.
  4. Please be careful to keep your uniform clean. Watch where you sit and please don’t eat with your jacket on.
  5. If you have a repair of ANY kind i.e.: dirt, lose buttons, or snaps etc. Please fill out a green tag, hang your uniform as usual BUT put the tag over the hanger on the outside of the bag and HANG IT ON A HOOK ON THE HAT WALL. It will be repaired and returned to the rack with your section behind your section leader. If something needs to be fixed while at an event, let a uniform mom know. We always bring a sewing kit.
  6. Please hang your uniform correctly on the hanger so it doesn’t wrinkle.
  7. If by some slim chance you forget to wear your black socks or bring your black gloves, it will cost you $1.00 deposit for socks or gloves. You need to take them home wash them and return them to get your $1.00 back.
  8. Moms will be around at every event. Please ask for assistance. The band room is busy, and we all want things to go smoothly so you can get to where you’re going --relaxed so you can have a fun time with your friends.


  1. Preparation – there is no substitute. The best way to battle nerves is preparation. Start your preparation as far in advance of the test/audition as possible.
  2. Practice the scales that will be required. They should be perfect, especially chromatic scales. Too often, we skip practicing the scales, figuring we already know them. Then our nerves get the best of us in the audition room.
  3. Practice rhythms and notes with a metronome. Once mastered, move on to dynamics and articulations. Be careful to play at the correct tempo.
  4. Read and re-read the instructions for the audition/test. Make sure you know exactly what is expected.
  5. Have high musical standards for yourself. For a judge, the difference between a mediocre audition and a good one is preparation. The difference between a good audition and a great one is attention to detail and tone quality. Be great!
  6. No excuses! Generally speaking, speaking during your audition can only hurt you, unless a judge were to ask you a question. If you tell a judge that what you are about to play may be less than your best, you have essentially turned his/her ears off. The judge just wants to hear you play.
  7. Be on time. Have water to fight cotton mouth. Be pleasant, but business-like. Regardless of how well you play, carry yourself with dignity at all times.
  8. Whether you are playing for a spot in an ensemble, a chair, or a grade, GO EARN IT!
Frequently Asked Questions

Last year, the funds raised at the Spaghetti Dinner & Auction and the Chili Supper totaled over $16,000.  These funds are used to support our students as they march, perform, and flag their way through the year.  Due to funding issues in the Shawnee Mission District, we need to continue to raise funds to support areas of the program not covered by the District budget.

 We need to maintain or increase our support this year and we can if everyone does a small part toward the big picture.


How can I help?

Start by joining Band-Aides. The $5.00 family membership is the best bargain around because it buys membership for the entire family in the best parent support group at SM West.



If I join Band Aides do I have to attend all the monthly meetings – I just don’t have time.

No – the meetings are helpful in providing you with the latest information and dates of performances and are a great way to get to meet other parents and have fun, but membership does not require attendance.




I don’t have time to chair a committee or help with an activity.  I work and my kids are involved in other activities.

We all feel this way many times. However, if everyone would volunteer to help with just one activity throughout the year, wonderful things can happen and no one group of persons ends up "doing it all".



How is the money raised spent and how does it benefit my child?

The money raised is spent on clinicians, transportation costs, special music, printing programs, purchasing equipment/instruments, etc. All of our students benefit from the additional money available to the band and jazz programs at West.




Give me some examples of what I can do to help with the Band & Jazz Programs at West this year.
  • Sign up to help set-up, serve, clean up, or help with the silent auction at the Spaghetti Dinner. 

  • Sign up to help set-up, serve, clean up or prepare the food for the Chili Supper.

  • Help your student sell tickets to these events and make sure they return the money by the due date.

  • Sign up to help deliver/serve dinner to the students at the stadium – it only takes a little time and if multiple people volunteer to help – no one has to do it more than once.

  • Make an item to donate for the silent auction, purchase a gift certificate to donate, or ask a business you are associated with for a tax-deductible donation.



Band-Aides, West, Inc.

Band-Aides, West, Inc., is a non-profit organization which supports the Band Program at Shawnee Mission West High School in Overland Park, Kansas.

The Shawnee Mission West band program enjoys a tradition of excellence, based on outstanding musicianship, leadership, and self-discipline. There are well over 200 students enrolled in West Bands. The program includes the West Pride Marching Band, two jazz ensembles, three concert bands, basketball pep band, musical pit orchestra and opportunities for solo and ensemble performance at the regional and state levels. Shawnee Mission West bands have received numerous honors in competitions and festivals.

The West Pride Marching Band performs at all home football games, the annual Overland Park Parade, the Shawnee Mission Marching Festival, the Central States Marching Festival in Manhattan, KS, and the KU Marching Festival. The band is a great source of pride for its school and its community.

On New Year's Day, 2009 & 2012, the band marched the streets of London, England, for the 6th and 7th times!

Band-Aides, West, Inc. is the parent support organization for the Band and Jazz Departments at Shawnee Mission West High School. The purpose of the organization is to encourage interest, lend support and promote activities of the Band and Jazz departments. Volunteers serve as chaperones, equipment handlers, uniform helpers, telephone callers, organizers, helpers for events and fundraising, committee chair-people and board members.

Activities include Fall Picnic, Jazz Jam Night, Chili Supper, Jazz on the Bridge, Band Banquet. Band-Aides West, Inc. has been the sponsor of record for past trips beyond SM District guideline mileage limits to London, France, Austria, New Orleans, etc.

Financial support is provided by membership dues and fundraising activities such as Spaghetti Dinner and Concession Stands for football and basketball. Monies have been used to:

  • purchase instruments
  • purchase general equipment
  • purchase uniforms and accessories
  • provide clinicians and drum line coaches
  • fund scholarships
  • provide senior gifts

Bylaws govern the organization with an Executive Board of Officers. Meetings are generally held the first Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the SM West band room. All interested people are welcome to attend.

Joining Band-Aides is easy and very important as it shows interest in your student’s activities. You will be involved with a fun and lively group of parents supporting the band and jazz programs at Shawnee Mission West High School. If you haven't already,

Join today! Only $5 per Family.

To join Band-Aides, contact the Membership Chair or fill out the membership form (pdf).

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