SMW Marching Band Uniform Information

Welcome to marching season! Most of you juniors and seniors already know this, but the sophomores don’t and it’s a good review anyway. You have been assigned a uniform. It has your name on a label and is kept on the rack by sections behind your section leader’s uniform (It should always be there and stored there.) It will be yours for the season. You won’t be taking it home, but you are responsible for it in these ways:

  1. Every time you wear your uniform, you need to wear soft nylon or cotton like shorts. NO jeans or any other heavy or rough fabric. Wear your band t-shirt with your required black socks and band shoes. Don’t forget your black gloves. You will all be changing together in the band room or in a parking lot in front of everyone. It is easier if you just wear the shorts, t-shirt, black socks and shoes to school, since you ride the bus in uniform.
  2. Always make sure your uniform has your neck band and snap it in place. When you return from any event you will take the neck band out and giving it to your section leader. It will be laundered and put back in your uniform.
  3. All hair needs to be in the hat, both male and female. Please bring whatever you need to pin it, or tie it up.
  4. Please be careful to keep your uniform clean. Watch where you sit and please don’t eat with your jacket on.
  5. If you have a repair of ANY kind i.e.: dirt, lose buttons, or snaps etc. Please fill out a green tag, hang your uniform as usual BUT put the tag over the hanger on the outside of the bag and HANG IT ON A HOOK ON THE HAT WALL. It will be repaired and returned to the rack with your section behind your section leader. If something needs to be fixed while at an event, let a uniform mom know. We always bring a sewing kit.
  6. Please hang your uniform correctly on the hanger so it doesn’t wrinkle.
  7. If by some slim chance you forget to wear your black socks or bring your black gloves, it will cost you $1.00 deposit for socks or gloves. You need to take them home wash them and return them to get your $1.00 back.
  8. Moms will be around at every event. Please ask for assistance. The band room is busy, and we all want things to go smoothly so you can get to where you’re going --relaxed so you can have a fun time with your friends.
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