Enroll in SMWest Area 5th/6th Grade Band

Welcome back to school! Like what you see our High School band doing with marching on the football field, championship competitions and brilliant concerts during the year? Well, it's easy to get started on that by enrolling in 5th or 6th grade band with Mr. Hupe! To enroll in 5th or 6th grade band simply fill out this online form! It's available to all students attending Apache, Comanche, McAuliffe, Overland Park, Pawnee, Rising Star, and Sunflower elementary schools! Again, to get started just fill out this simple form on Google Docs! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/17no0aRvb3JTkAu5Barj6kPMeBi6fvxorWhDaXNviK28/edit?uiv=1
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